Sunday, June 1, 2014

Letter Gg Music

Here is the music we had for the
Letter Gg

For Gg week we sang about our mighty God. I had a copy of the Elementary Praise songs we use at our Christian school for chapel. We sang Our God is A Great Big God and There Is No God like Our God. It's so amazing to be home with my sweet and sassy little Shortcake teaching her that God is far bigger than we can ever imagine. No one and no thing can compare to Him!

My God Is So Big

My God Is So Big by the Wonderkids is now a new family favorite. Even my almost two year old sings out "BIG" every time!

Frog Street's I Can Spell Green Song fit right in to Gg week! From caterpillars to grasshoppers to

Letter Oo Activities

Here are some of the activities we planned for our two Oo weeks:

ASL (American Sign Language)
We love ASL in our home. We use it all the time. Here are some of the signs we used for the Letter Oo.
-Letter O
-opposite (different)

You can find signs here on my Pinterest board: My 2nd Language 

Bible Connections
This week we talked about obedience briefly and learned Colossians 3:20 (ESV) "Children OBEY your parents in everything for this pleases the Lord." (This is included in my Stored In Your Heart Bible Verse Set.) Of course this is a favorite verse in our house so we didn't need too much work to memorize it.

  President Obama

Each week we pick a prayer person to pray for. Shortcake didn't have any friends that started with the Letter O, so we prayed for President Obama both weeks. We briefly talked about what a president is and how President Obama needs God's wisdom to make wise decisions for our country.

Phonics Connections
We focused on octopus, ostrich, and ox over our two weeks. With my third pregnancy we didn't get through everything, but I always like to over plan.
-O Toilet Paper roll painting
-Made a large Ox and cart. We filled the cart with letter O pictures.
-snack: orange juice with mandarin oranges
-went looking for orange leaves around the yard
-orange nailpolish

-coloring page

-coloring page
-Octopus craft
-Octopus paper bag puppet

Math Connections
We continued to focus on OPPOSITES and OCTAGON over the Oo weeks. We read several books on opposites (see my list of books for the letter Oo).

kids octagon shape craft
We talked about what an octagon looked like.
Then, we made little octagon monsters .

We also reviewed the color orange. We talked about different things that are orange (oranges, Jack o' lanterns, carrots, etc.) We sang about how to spell the color orange. See my song list for the letter Oo. We went on an orange leaf hunt. We even painted our fingernails orange!! I love teaching my little Shortcake!

Here are my Letter Oo lesson plans. Download them for FREE!

Here are the books we read.
Here is the music we sang.

Letter Oo Music

We study each letter for two weeks.

Here is the music we had for the
Letter Oo

(Just click on the pictures to find the MP3 on Amazon!)

We had a blast singing On Top of Spaghetti. I had this from a CD not available on Amazon. We had fun doing some silly motions with this one!

O the Deep Deep Love of Jesus

I love teaching my kiddos lots of variety of music. From Pop Rock Christian Music to classical to beautiful hymns.

During Oo week we learned O the Deep, Deep Love of
By Westmont College Praise Team. I tend to sing this song a lot around bed time! Such beautiful lyrics of solid truth!

O Be Careful, Little Eyes

A great classic from my childhood O Be Careful Little Eyes by the Cedarmont Kids. This song emphasizes that while God, our Father is looking down in love, he desires for us to follow His Will. Shortcake is learning that God knows everything and that we should obey Him because He loves us.

O Worship The King/This Is My Father's World

 O Worship the King / This Is My Father's World from the Praise Baby Collection was a great addition to our Letter Oo.

As we sang this song we would make the O with our arms. This was easy peasy for my little O-H-I-O fans :)

Old Mcdonald Had a Farm

How can you not sing O MacDonald Had a Farm by Baby Genius on Oo week? We loved looking at animals that started with the letter Oo so of course we had to find them on the farm :)

Since we are talking about Oo is an ostrich and octopus, we are talking about the color orange for these 2 weeks.

When I taught First Grade, I loved using Frog Street's Colors books and songs! Currently Amazon offers the flip charts & music here. I just recently found some YouTube videos for the color songs!

During the letter Oo week, we sang "I Can Spell Orange". It talks about how carrots, jack o' lanterns, and oranges are always orange.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Letter Oo Books

Here are the books we read for our two Letter Oo weeks:

Our main theme for the Letter Oo was Oo is for Octopus.

Product Details
The only cute book on octopus that I could find was An Octopus Followed Me Home by Dan Yaccarino. It was such an adorable book though. The little girl takes home an octopus and asks her daddy if she can keep it. Her Daddy points out all of the crazy animals she has already brought home. She takes the octopus back to the ocean and comes home with a dinosaur. This was my daughter's favorite story for the letter O.

Our other theme was Oo is for opposites.

Product Details

God Must Really Love Opposites by Rondi DeBoer was a really cute story. It talks about how God created opposites in our world like the bunny who runs fast and the turtle who is slow. The pictures were really nice too.

Product Details

Black? White? Day? Night! A Book of Opposites by Laura Vaccaro Seeger.  This book is a little flip up book. You lift the flap to find the opposite. My shortcake loved picking up the flaps to find the opposite!

We read two books by Jane Katirgis: Over and Under; Front and Back
These books were a little too young for my 4 year old. They repeat the same opposite in almost the same way. I was kind of disappointed.
Product DetailsProduct Details

Product Details

We read a cute book about a polar bear named Alex and a penguin named Zina. It was called Polar Opposites by Erik Brooks. The whole book focuses on the opposites found in both of them until they end up on vacation at the equator together!


Lastly, we read What's Up, Duck? A Book of Opposites by Tad Hills. This is a board book but it was a great book for my 4 year old. She was able to complete the opposites. The pictures are darling too! My 18 month old had fun "reading" it too!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Letter Ll Activities

Here are some of the activities we planned for our two Ll weeks:

ASL (American Sign Language)
We love ASL in our home. We use it all the time. Here are some of the signs we used for the Letter Ll.
-Letter L

You can find signs here on my Pinterest board: My 2nd Language

We also used the signs for "same" and "different" in our Phonics lesson. I gave her word pairs that were the same or different.


-ladybug strawberries
-cherry limeade
Ll is for Strawberry Ladybugs. Cut strawberries in half. Stick toothpick through a blueberry or grape for the head and the strawberry. Add chocolate dots of different numbers to practice counting too! 
Bible Connections
Our Bible verse for this week was "Love the Lord your God with all your heart." Deuteronomy 6:5a. (This is included in my Stored In Your Heart Bible Verse Set.) My shortcake loved doing some ASL with this verse we did "love" "Lord" "God" "all" "heart" "6" "5". You can find some signs on my Pinterest Board.

Every week we also pick a prayer person to pray for. It just so happened that my daughter has a friend named LeAnna and another friend named Luke. We made them some cards and sent it to them. We cut out a coloring page for a ladybug and a lion and attached it to a construction paper. 

Ladybug Activities
-Ladybug counting rocks
-HUGE collection of Ladybug activities here!
-Egg carton ladybugs
-Ladybug nails

L is for Ladybug...might be easier than leopard
Leaf Activities
-Leaf Fall Garland craft
-1+1+1=1 Tot School Letter Ll
-Sun catcher Tissue Paper Leaves craft

Here are all of my plans for the Letter Ll. You can download them for free!

These are the books we read.
This is the music we listened to.